Fairy Tail | Press On Nails | 24 Pcs

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Fairy Tail – Press-on nails

Length/Shape: Pointed Almond Nails.
Quantity: 24 Pcs.
A combination of holographic chrome blue base color and off-white design, these amazing Nails are taking you to the World of Dreams.
What’s in the box? : 24 Pcs Fairy Tail Press On Nails set, Nails Glue, Glue Remover, Nail Filer, Wooden Cuticle Pusher, 2 Double-sided self-adhesive nail tabs sheets.

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  • The specially-formulated material is thickened at the stress points, helping to prevent breakage. 
  • Each set comes with 24 tips (more than your drugstore brand) and a wider size range, with the possibility of getting two sets from one box.
  • The application is easy to use and you’ll have stunning nails in no time.
  • Every set includes a full prep kit with two sheets of nail tabs, one nail glue and remover, one cuticle push stick, and one nail file.
  • It’s customizable! Clip, file, and shape them to a seamless fit.

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